What you need to know

Growing your idea into a successful business takes skills, critical thinking, and dedication. But without adequate funding you are going nowhere fast. Knowing the facts about all the loan options available is vital to your success.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum loan amount I can get from Almasi Credit?

The maximum loan amount is KES 3 Million.

How long does it take to get a loan?
So many people have heard horror stories about loans taking forever to get disbursed. From the time a customer submits a completed application with all the requirements, a typical deal can fund in 24 hours tops.
What can Almasi loans be used for?
Our loans can be used for many financial business needs, such as: stock purchase, asset financing, LPO financing, business acquisitions, debt consolidation and working capital.
What if a conventional bank denied me a loan? Will I still qualify?

Our approach to appraisal is innovative and fits small businesses better.

Am I able to get additional funding before my advance is paid in full?

Yes, we do top ups.

What is unique about Almasi credit. Why should i choose you guys over other lenders?
  • Quick access to cash. Disbursal within 24 hours
  • Even if you have limited business history and challenged credit score we will still listen.
  • You can access loans with simple collateral
  • Top up, Refinancing and Loan Buy-Off facilities
  • No early loan settlement fees- you can offset at any time with no penalties
Do you lend to business people, individuals or groups?

All are eligible upon proper appraisal.

Is Almasi credit a deposit taking institution/ how can i become a member?

Almasi Credit is not a deposit taking institution. We are a CREDIT-ONLY institution.

What is your interest rate per month?

We have flexible rates of interest that are negotiable.

Can one use log books/title deeds to secure a loan?

Yes you can use your Log book and title deed (commercial plots) to get a loan from us

What is the loan duration?

Our loans are on short term basis of upto 6 months maximum.

Getting a loan in 24 hours is too good to be true, Whats the assurance that I will get a loan within that period?

Apply for a loan today and you will be pleasantly surprised. Just click here to apply